Joint Pain Anyone?

Joint Pain Anyone – #Prolotherapy

Joint pain can be debilitating whether from a #personalinjury, #caraccident, #slipandfall, #work injury, sports injury or just plain aging. How we deal with it can be the most important decision we make. I found the cure for me.

Typically, after suffering joint pain, traditional medicine would suggest we have an x-ray and do some physical therapy or chiropractic care and quite possibly surgery. Our younger selves or coaches might say “walk it off.”

I was faced with this decision after an injury (#MCLtear) that I suffered in August 2018 training my daughters for a 7-minute mile so they could make the varsity field hockey team. That injury only got worse overtime causing arthritis to develop. I began walking with a pronounced limp and a tremendous amount of frustration that limited my ability to ride a bike, run or even walk. I was waking up several times a night, something I had never done before.

I needed to address this injury. I spoke to a friend that is an orthopedic surgeon who I respect and he told me that he would not touch me without an MRI but that surgery might be an option based on my symptoms. Living with the pain until August 2020, I finally threw up my hands and resigned myself to surgery when I could barely walk down stairs.

I turned to my PCP, who evaluated me and ordered an MRI. The MRI was promptly denied by the insurance company (in 3 days). They wanted me to have an x-ray and undergo physical therapy before considering me for an MRI. I knew that was just a six month delay that I could not accept. My PCP said they would appeal the decision of the insurance company.  I don’t know how long that usually takes, but,  but I have yet to hear from them (7 weeks later).

In frustration, as I was driving home listening to WBZ radio 1030 am and a commercial came on –  #Prolotherapy and #DrAlbertFranchi, were on the radio along with #TedJohnson promoting this relatively non-invasive injection. I jotted the phone number down and the next day I was on the phone with Dr. Franchi, not his office but the doctor himself! He told me to come to his office in Stoneham a few days later and have a consult.

Based on the pain I would have went anywhere. I drove to Stoneham and met with #DrFranchi and  agreed to start the process. The injections that I received were not steroids nor would they cause any further damage to the knee. I went into this hopeful, however, but without an expectation of a miracle cure. – within 24 hours of the first injection, I lost my limp and the pain subsided. I was golfing the very next day!! Over the course of the next 5 weeks I progressively got better to the point where I began running again. I am now pain free.

If anyone asks me and even if they don’t, #Prolotherapy and #DrFranchi are worth the chance that you can live free from pain. I am told that this therapy works for just about every joint whether it is a shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, or foot. Give it a “shot” what have you got to lose but a little pain.

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