Storm or no Storm, Boston Drivers are Expected to Drive Safely

It’s been called “The Storm of the Century” or simply “MegaStorm” and regardless of where you receive your weather forecast, you know Massachusetts will be buried in snow over the next few days. Once the travel ban imposed by Governor Patrick is lifted, we will undoubtedly hear of many accidents, with injuries, in the Boston area blamed on snowy roadways. To be sure, snow, like ice and rain, makes driving more challenging and dangerous. Such conditions, however, are not an excuse for failing to drive a vehicle safely or for causing a snow-related Boston automobile accident.

Massachusetts drivers have a number of obligations when they drive their vehicle, including an obligation to keep a proper lookout, maintain a safe speed, maintain control of a vehicle and bring a vehicle to a safe stop. In particular, the obligation to bring a vehicle to a safe stop becomes an issue when Boston automobile accidents occur in inclement weather. The obligation to bring a vehicle to a safe stop is in effect regardless of weather, and snow and ice on the road counsels leaving additional buffer space between vehicles, while making sure that you are not following the car in front of you too closely. Every Boston driver knows that it is more difficult to control and stop a vehicle in the snow than on clear, dry roads. Massachusetts drivers are expected to plan accordingly to prevent Boston automobile accidents. In short, Boston drivers are expected to operate their vehicles with appropriate care given the additional hazards confronting drivers after the Massachusetts blizzard.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, regardless of whether road conditions (or a blizzard) played a role, call the attorneys at Heinlein Beeler Mingace & Heineman, P.C. to explore your options. As always, we’ll be happy to provide a free initial consultation and discuss whether you may have a case.

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