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Thinking about creating a Will or end of life planning can be uncomfortable and daunting for many people but it should not be avoided. The failure to plan for the future may place an unanticipated burden on your loved ones.

A Will is the simplest and most straightforward way for a person to make sure that their final wishes are carried out. The individual creating his/her Will chooses a trusted and responsible person, most times a close family member, to act as the Personal Representative of the Estate. It is then the Personal Representative’s job to make sure that all assets of the Estate are distributed as has been laid out in the Will.

Though many people feel that they do not need a formal Will as their loved ones will know what they want to happen upon their death, this is not practical for a couple of reasons. The first being that many times when faced with the death of a loved one, especially if the death is unexpected, family members feel overwhelmed and unsure on how to proceed. This can lead to family rifts and rushed decisions.

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